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You can have the 34" TV from the living room. I'm taking the 43" TV from the bedroom.

I'm also going to Wally World to get a cheap 65" TV for the sunroom (my office) because the other people living here want 1) a 2nd bigscreen like I have or 2) want to actually watch TV. And if I can determine a way to mount it to the ceiling so that it can be folded out of the way, that'll be even better.

The working daughter has realized, after 4 days' working from home that she can drink wine all day long so long as she remembers to put the glass out of view of her webcam during meetings.

On the down side, as I work full-time from home, this has severely impacted my choice of wardrobe...and Kieren, you actually don't have to wear a suit and tie, or work casual, or actualy anything, to work from home, but you do need to understand that you're working*.

* - also, taping over your webcam is essential.

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