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Easier said than done

1 OCD wife known to run through the house with Dettol air fresheners in both hands

2 cats with a penchant for spending all day licking their bottoms and then licking you (and then laughing about it no doubt).

3 children bored as hell who have all been set online tasks such as working out how to reprogramme and secure all the IoT devices in the household, including the bloody Samsung fridge that never tells you when the the ice is ready.

4 dogs in various states of sleep, testicle licking, begging treats off children.

I have double self-isolated myself into my garden office, complete with sound proofing, well stocked sanitising internal alcohol treatmentment (aka Chateau Lafitte) and full control of the main router. Doom Eternal never looked so good The joys of working from home.

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