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Also... Falcon 9 (and Falcon Heavy) are only interim vehicles; Starship aka BFR is the direction SpaceX is heading, as you'd know from the video: they want 3 launches [i]per day[/i] While a Falcon 9 can put 60 Starlink satellites in orbit, the Starship is expected to carry about 400...

As to the economics of 4, 5 or 100 launches: I believe this is a reference to the economics of Starlink, not regular commercial launches. But even then, the economics are soon to shift: they have 300 "v1" satellites in order, with another 58 "production ready".... and 420 is the number they need to start providing service aka generating income, with 780 to provide "moderate" coverage.

Of course, one of their target markets is "aircraft in flight", and that depends on the airlines surviving the virus.

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