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HPE celebrated diversity on International Women's Day not with pictures of its own staff but stock images of models

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"Ah, the corporate PR drone championing of diversity as an abstract concept without giving any thought as to what it actually might mean."

But this is the problem with diversity and 'diversity'. The aim of this stupidity isnt diversity, its a way of trying to get stupid people off your back who demand 'diversity'. 'Diversity' is people who look different and can be divided by physical attributes but mentally all must conform. 'Diversity' is about checking box's to make those special little people who proudly wear a dunce hat (and use it as a megaphone to tell the rest of us how to conform) but if you dare have a diverse thought you are wrong.

Of course diversity isnt something that people can really shout about as its harder to point at and identify as its diversity of thought. It leads to discussion and even conflict but can produce some of the greatest ideas and expand understanding for those who can tolerate it.

I understand it was probably amusing for you to get the corporate newsletter not taking this crap seriously but who in their right mind takes this rubbish seriously anyway?

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