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"Technology information readers in both UK and USA, as well as other nations, must know, once and for all that the large behemoths of technology industry, mostly from USA have never shown sensitivity and compassion, much less corporate policy and practice to ensure against sexism, racism and white male preference

No one could be more cynical than me regarding the management of large corporations. They act to benefit themselves not society as a whole, sometime that also benefits share holders but not always. They are sometimes stupid and often take a ridiculously short term view. However the idea of a white male preference is ridiculous against the evidence and not a little racist and sexist in itself.

The technical work force of such companies has a very high proportion of indian,, chinese and other asian groups. This is not because of any diversity goal or initiative it is simply that a large proportion of the available pool of suitably qualified people comes from these groups. The reason why therd are not many women in such roles is because there are not many women who are suitably qualified and interested, those that are gravitate to non-technical roles such as project management and marketing. A high proportion of those that are employed technically take a long career break and frequently either don't return or return to non-technical roles.

The idea of a white male bias in recruitment or treatment of such staff is nonsense. In fact whenver I have been involved in hiring from teh early 90s there has been a quite explicit bias in favour of women. This is mirrored by biases in the education system and the professional bodies all of whom quite opernly favour women.

None of the bias in favour of women and discrimnination against men leads to a majority of women in the compoition of technical teams because in the main women don't like working with technology compared to working wioth people and many women prioritise family/life balance choices above career.

The constant nonsense about technology being anti-women is annoying and misleading. If you want to see a profession that discriminates in a sexist way look at teaching. Despite a small minority of teachers being men the professional bodies have no programs to encourage men and advocate openly for assisting girls in preference to boys education despite boys doing worse in school than men.

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