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HPE celebrated diversity on International Women's Day not with pictures of its own staff but stock images of models

W. Anderson

Large corporate crassness - as usual

Technology information readers in both UK and USA, as well as other nations, must know, once and for all that the large behemoths of technology industry, mostly from USA have never shown sensitivity and compassion, much less corporate policy and practice to ensure against sexism, racism and white male preference.

It has been disappointing to witness, after more than twenty five years in professional technology very little concrete and positive change in areas most needed.

The only hedge against this continued sick posture is the rise of women and minority own business as well as elevation of these groups to highest levels of executive power in corporations like HP, Oracle, Microsoft, Google and the rest.

I hope my grand-daughters - senior corporate attorney, executive International law firm administrator and an aspiring International speaker and environmental scientist take the mantle of executing such necessary changes permanently, so the the world can continue down path of better stewardhip.

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