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And every one of those Hyper-V customers is being encouraged to move everything to Azure, where they'll still be running Hyper-V under the covers. Microsoft has also obviously been working on features for Hyper-V that increase its usefulness in Azure and the on-prem product gets some of these.

Server 2016 and 2019 really improved the Hyper-V experience but since it's one component of a larger OS you do have to do work with it to get usable clusters (Storage Spaces Direct, or clustering/MPIO). You also need SCVMM (just like you need VCenter for "free" ESXi) unless you want to roll your own management environment or rely on PowerShell only once your deployment gets more complex. For smaller deployments, ESXi (to me) just seems more joined up and usable for its core task.

I guess VMWare is realizing they can't make it on hypervisor, NSX and VSAN alone anymore.

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