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" the cameras are not monitoring them pinching stuff from other peoples trolleys"

Do we know that for sure? Given that there aren't any trolleys (you just take things off the shelf and put them in your bag/pocket), I wouldn't be surprised if the cameras just watched for any movement of items.

Plus, when you enter you have to tie your identity to your amazon account via a phone app, so chances are, if you pick-pocketed things out of someone's bag, you'd get charged for it on your way out of the store. Unless you did it in a way which fooled the many cameras, and possible RFID readers (and more?).

Of course, if you can get into the store without giving your payment details, then you can just steal whatever you want from the shelves, (abit whilst leaving CCTV footage from every angle), no need to mug someone.

I'm getting most of my info from this article, and it sounds like currently it can barely cope with people shopping in the 'correct way', so actual theft is about as plausible as getting charged for 5000 bananas by mistake.

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