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HMRC claims victory in another IR35 dispute to sting Nationwide contractor for nearly £75k in back taxes

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No tax evasion at all, we pay our tax and Ni just the same as you. Our companies also pay the required tax and Ni.

It is neither criminal nor immoral to pay only what is due rather than pay more.

The problem is that all flavours of gvmt in the Uk have for too long listened to British hating senior civil servants educated by Russian plants in Oxford and Cambridge and have poured the UKs money into foreign cars, planes, buses, expensive foreign software development for HMRC, NHS and the like which has left us with a low wage, low quality, I'll trained workforce, no industry, no production, no jobs and no money. Millions not in work and millions more needing tax credits to eek out a miserable existence with piss poor part time work. The fix is NOT to hound the few still working but to hang the advisers who have got it so wrong as the traitors they are and set about rebuilding the country. I don't see any politician with the skill or the balls to do this

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