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HMRC claims victory in another IR35 dispute to sting Nationwide contractor for nearly £75k in back taxes

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Anonymous Coward

Wait? I'm a contractior now?

"However, apart from not being able to move him to another project, the level of control exercised over Mr Lee in how he did his job was not inconsistent with him being a highly skilled professional employee.""

So my years of unprofessionalism have caught up with me? Sneaking in late and leaving early, long lunches in the pub, not bothering to return from lunch on a Friday, not coming in when I'm doing my side gigs... I will need to speak to HR about discrepancies between my salary and my side gig day rate.

In all seriousness - if being professional about how you conduct business is the measure of being an employee, I would suggest most contractors are employees while significantly more employees apparently aren't....

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