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It’s a nice theory, but unless you’re also the person who manages the systems those records point to then how do you know if they’re dead or not? Doesn’t respond to ping? OK, but did it before? Is the thing at the other end always online or just when it’s in use? Does some legacy critical bit of code reference that record?

It gets even more tricky where multiple services use the same resources. Remove a service, but can you remove that resource? Is anything else using it? Are things documented so you know when the last service is switched off so the resource can be removed? Crucially, can you trust the documentation?

It’s very easy to descend into a view where there’s little risk of leaving old records where they are, but there’s potentially major risks if you remove them and they’re still in use. And if you’re in a blame culture, leave it and it’s the fault of someone else not telling you it’s no longer in use, remove it (and things go wrong) and it’s your fault.

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