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Nokia's already there with an almost identical device

It would be interesting to have a price for this phone.The equivalent HMD Nokia (as in, almost identical in every respect) 800 Tough seems a little expensive at around £110 at most places, for example Clove, which is slightly odd given that the other two phones in Nokia's KaiOS range, both of which seem to have identical electronics but differing form factors, the 2720 flip and the 8110 slider are cheaper at around £90 and £60 respectively, though the latter is getting hard to find.

I see that Energiser does a basic KaiOS phone with similar specification for £38 but it doesn't seem to be widely available. CAT does a ruggedised KaiOS phone at around £90.

I may be wrong, but all KaiOS phones seem to be built to the same reference hardware. In that case, cost differences are down to the badge on the front and any differences in case design.

I'm tempted by a rugged phone that will survive a few knocks but which has 4G and hotspot capabilities so I could use it for mobile access on a tablet or laptop, but it's an edge case, and when even Nokia do some very good specification Android handsets under £120 - for example the 4.2, it is a little difficult to justify.


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