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The problem usually isn't the random developers in the dev teams.

It's usually the senior, 'bored' developers who get "executive capture". That is, they get in the ear of the executive (CIO's etc), reinforce the de riguer keywords being dropped by vendors and Gartner et al., because they want some new shiny to play with.

Then you get the CIO's and other senior managers pushing it because they think that's the way to go. No research papers about the organisations needs, just 'parables' and examples of how well its worked in totally unrelated industries (anyone else have Agile consultants come in and use Toyota - a completely unrelated industry to mine at least - as a reference/case-study?). No rigorous cost-benefit analysis of the effect on the organisation.

It happened with 'agile' and 'cloud' too. Senior management taking it on gospel that it is the way the world is going.

And it'll happen again, AI looks like the thing being pushed now, and I expect it'll be quantum computing in a decade or so.

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