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Capitalism depends on competition to limit power, and therefore abuse. It makes a virtue of profit seeking by allowing companies to compete in any market. If one pharma refuses to sell a cure expecting instead to sell a temporary remedy, there is nothing preventing another pharma from pursuing that profit by making its own cure.

Well there is, patents.

If a company discovers a drug and patents it, but it'll cure something that they get more money from treating, then they may very well decide not to commercialise their patent, or charge such excessive fees for it - far beyond the costs - so that very few can afford it. And while that patent lasts, no other company can compete with them. That's the whole point of a patent.

There have been recent (as in the last 2 or 3 years) documented - it's being investigated for antitrust currently in the US - cases of pharmaceutical companies paying other companies to not produce drugs that have gone out of patent so that the original patent holder, the one paying the 'bribe', can continue on with their monopoly.

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