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generic names - on Google/AWS/Azure

We saw this 20-30 years ago with the initial explosion of the web - everyone was using hosting companies, and all it takes is for the greedy host to rent out the same IP address to some SPAMMER and suddenly everyone blocks you because you were on the same IP address. This is just the same, but the modern cloud equivalent using shared hosting services / DNS. It's an inherent fault, and it will (thankfully) push people away from using them.

I'm already blocking most email from generic SMTP servers Google/AWS/Azure that use a generic DKIM. So it looks like I'll start to block most web sites hosted on generic domain names on Google/AWS/Azure too. If you want your email delivered, set up your own email server and your own domain name and your own private DKIM. It you want people to go to your own web site, don't redirect.

For the technically curious: we have two SPAM rule classes: for non-generic SMTP we look for keywords/SPAM scores and quarantine emails based on that; for generic SMTP/DKIM we look for keywords and quarantine ALL EMAILS unless they match a particular keywords that leads use/whitelist for existing customer email addresses.

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