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God, sounds just like where i am, where were you? Have a production system that has only a few people using it at a time, doesn't need to scale, works right now. The developers find it hard (thy say) to develop for. They want to move it onto kubernetes, microservices. Asked why would they do that, making it more complex? So it can scale...!!!!! But it doesn't need to scale, it never will.

So then, it will make it easier to develop for.. No it will not, its now a distributed system.

The monolith is hard to change, microservices will make it easier.... Making the monolith more modular will fix that. The response to that, it is modular!!!!! So why is it hard to change?

It will save resources... bet it will not, the number of VMs/ servers needed for the kubernetes cluster will be far more than the 2 needed for it now.

It is all because it something new, they find what the old reliable way boring, its the 'new' hot thing (in quotes because its not new, its a fucking distributed system, people didn't make everything a distributed system because its hard to get right, so only did it when it was needed).

Another contract was won, so needed developing, guess what, microservice the shit out of it. They have never done it before, but gonna be easy, plenty of time. Long story short, massive amount of overtime, miss the deadlines, didn't work right, still fixing it months after the deadline.

Oh and the amount of server resources it takes, about 1/4 of everything else that run the company (its basically a website).

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