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Re: "clarified once the uncertain situation caused by Brexit has been resolved"

"Negotiation is a two-way street. The EU are now negotiating with Boris Johnson because they repeatedly and continuously shat on Theresa May."

Nope, the approach they're taking with Johnson and his ilk is _exactly_ the same one they took with May. They've been remarkably consistent on their position since 2016 and with good reason - They're playing chess whilst the UK conservatives have been trying to play poker.

It's hard to bluff when what you thought were your few good "cards" get up and cross the table. The UK position has effectively trashed what remains of its manufacturing industry, will gut the financial one and the proposed trading arrangements will result in farming being uneconomic across the country.

One example: Brighton's single largest employer is the American Express call centre. It's had its staff on notice to be ready to move EU-side since the week after the referendum - and as the vast majority are EU citizens (language requirements) so there's no issue in them jumping the ditch.

There are similar cases being reported up and down the country with companies relocating head offices or new facilities to EU-land - and as for Nissan - despite the recent "leaks", the more pragnmatic view is that they just put $150 million into enhancing the Spanish production lines without laying a finger on UK-side, so you can see where they're going to go if they don't pull back to Japan entirely now the new trade agreements with the EU mean they don't get import tariffs for Japanese-made cars anymore (Honda closed their plant. Toyota's been building a huge setup in Romania for the last decade and component makers are all moving out.... once they go they take remaining assembly lines with them). Even Rolls Royce has been investing heavily in new Gas Turbine engine production facilities in Germany and it wouldn't take a great leap of the imagination for Short Brothers/Bombardier/Airbus to build new facilities to the south of the NI border, easily justifiable given the age and state of the existing buildings.

When you factor in that a dash over 70% of the Exchequer's net tax income (as in Tax AND NI) goes straight out the revolving door again in state pensions or pensioner vote bribes (fuel allowances, bus passes, free tv licences, etc) it's no surprise to see that there are cutbacks in such things already as tax income is already diving - and set to go down further.

About 12% goes out in "welfare" but the vast majority of that goes to keeping the working poor heads' above water with only 1-2% going in unemployment or sickness benefits - which means gutting those would result in a major crisis and result in companies crashing across the country like dominos as they can only stay in business due to those undeclared state subsidies (it would result in the working poor becoming the unemployed poor - with an increase in overall numbers - and governments can easily find out that welfare isn't to keep people from starving, it's to prevent them from uprising and murdering the rich - with the miltary, police and civil service pledging alligance to Queen and country, not the "government", they'll find that any attempts to repeat Peterloo won't happen as unlawful orders would be refused or crosschecked with the REAL head of the armed forces)

Those of us who took out UK citizenship and have multiple nationalities are already well protected - we can check out any time we want. It's the buggers who don't that are going to have problems.

Don't forget that any dealing with the USA has been predicated on NOT breaching the Good Friday agreement.

And then there's the utterly looney CANZUK proposals - officials in the other three countries were laughing until they cried - they stopped when they realised the Brits were actually serious - then collapsed in a heap laughing even louder.

(Getting support from fringe right wing parties in the other countries is NOT a ringing endorsement, merely a stamp of approval from anti-immigration types who are actually "anti- brownskinned people immigrating")

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