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What proroguing Parliament so that there would be a Queen's speech after the usual break for the party conference season. Meaning that Parliament would be suspended for 4 extra days than normal. Oh fetch the smelling salts! The shock!

It's almost like people were using obscure Parliamentary procedures to try and get an advantage in a constitutional crisis...

We had an election. The Conservatives won. We're stuck with them for five years, so long as they can command Parliament. There'll be an election in 4-5 years time as normal. They may well win it, with a reduced majority - or maybe not. It's unprecedented for the party in power to grow their vote and number of seats so much, after so long in power. But then it's unprecented for the opposition to stick with such an unpopular leader.

Our system has been called an elective dictatorship before, for a reason. It can be very depressing if you're sitting on the wrong end of a large majority - because the government has quite extensive powers to do stuff you don't like. Any Conservative can tell you that having to put up with the insufferably smug and over-bearing New Labour administration - and anybody who lived through 1983-88 on the Labour side has equally sad memories of their time in the political wilderness. The answer is not to piss the electorate off so much that they hand the other side a landslide.

Johnson isn't even close to Donald Trump, let alone your silly allusion to Hitler. Johnson is part of the "metropolitan liberal elite", he's just been seen as hideously right wing because he disagrees with the consensus on the EU. Supposedly he called himself, "a Brexity Hezza" in a cabinet meeting. And I heard Heseltine (on the left wing of the Conservative Party) agree, in an interview for Radio 4. Saying that they were usually in agreement on economic and social policy.

Johnson is a gobshite - and worse than many politicians at saying what they think people want to hear. But these childish statements that he's about to overturn a few hundred years of democracy, are quite frankly ludicrous. We have an unwritten (except Erskine May, the Ministerial Code, the Human Rights Act etc.) constitution - this means we have minor constitutional crises all the time. Leaving the EU was quite a major one. Pretending it's the end of democracy is silly. Stop it.

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