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Microservices guru warns devs that trendy architecture shouldn't be the default for every app, but 'a last resort'

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Well, not entirely. The reason behind what was said was probably because microservices lead to containers, which leads to devops and CI/CD development with the mentality that things need to go quick and use all the latest shit.

This means the developers want the latest hot thing, when then go to the people that provided their services before, they say, we will look at it and then they test, create policies etc around this product, taking time.

The developer wanted this thing now. not next week or next month, so they go and add it themselves, getting it form docker hub. Now as they didn't follow the normal procedure, they get talked to. Then, as the infrastructure / security / policy teams are seen as being slow, a new policy comes about, you can deploy what you want and long as its reviewed by a software architect.

Then multiple DB, redis, rabbitmq, authentication servers come up, in configurations that are piss poor.

Infrastructure and security do not want to touch what they have done, they were not involved and were removed because of being seen as slow. even though they were actually testing and developing correctly configured services.

The developers now have to manage these poorly configured systems that they set up, who then start to blame the people that they locked out at the start for things not running well.

New policies come into place, saying that the infrastructure and security departments need to be involved in any project. They are, at the end, when nothing can be done, and complaints come in when told they have done it wrong again.

Not included at the start because when they are, the developers are told what they need to do, and these thing take time. They want to get started on using the new shiny, not the boring security and management stuff.

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