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Brexit Britain changes its mind, says non, nein, no to Europe's unified patent court – potentially sealing its fate

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"It has already been delayed for years, and its future was also in doubt thanks to a long-running review of its legality in front of Germany's constitutional court."

"one of that case’s key arguments is whether the UK’s decision to leave the European Union effectively annulled the whole agreement"

"Another key argument is the unsuitability of the European Patent Office (EPO) thanks to crazed ego-driven reforms led by its now-former president Benoit Battistelli."

"UPC advocates were already struggling to explain how the UK would remain a part of the patent court while not part of Europe"

"Whether states such as the UK or Switzerland should then participate in the UPC can be clarified once the uncertain situation caused by Brexit has been resolved"

"Not only would the UPC have to find a new location for one of its three main courts but it would also lose one of its main members and a significant source of income. Several nations that could have been part of the UPC decided not to join because it was going to end up costing them money."

"And, ultimately, the UPC is about money, rather than efficiency or political unity."

"There are no provisions in the UPC agreement for the case of a member state that has ratified the agreement to drop out,"

Followed by- "This decision by the UK government to back out was foolish and driven more by ideology than commonsense"

Seriously. You have put nail after nail into this thing and now the gov is decisive in its action which must be viewed as part of brexit and your complaining? The UK has already left the EU bungling over its missing €75bn it expected to extract from us if we remained (on top of the 'divorce bill') so they can now also fund this mess themselves or let it collapse.

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