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Campaigners cry foul play as Oracle funds conservative lobby group supporting its court case against Google

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The copyright debate had been done to death on these boards over the years.

The debate though comes down to a single question: is the imposition on freedom and the bad societal effects of copyright (lost/orphan works, inversion of control between customer and supplier, complex law etc etc) worth the actual, provable benefits? I say no. Others disagree and I guess it depends on whether you personally benefit or not.

It also calls into question the model which it defends, that is large up-front costs recouped by many subsequent sales in which you have a monopoly. There are many other models which are superseding that now and in some ways they are better, some ways less so, for instance crowd funding or the patron model.

The main downside of copyright is the abuse to which large players are using it. Unjustifiable extension of term to insane levels, the extension of it to areas where it doesn't work at all (e.g. code), the unreasonable comparison with theft, the entitled ownership mindset that inhabits organisations that drive the push to expansion of copyright into other areas, the brutal persecution of paying customers. I could go on but I can feel my blood pressure going up. :(

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