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Broken political system

"I heard an interview in Iowa just before the Iowa Circ-, er, Caucus took place, and one of the participants, a small farmer, said something to the effect of he did not like Trump but did not want socialism. As I understand it, there are a lot of government programs available to help farmers* so I was a bit confused about how this gent defined "socialism" and why he wanted no part of it. Perhaps it, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder?"

US's broken 2-party system, imagine if you will if you have a center-left and center-right party; no other parties, with rhetoric for like a century INSISTING these are two near-center positions are utterly opposite and irreconcilable; of course, with only 2 parties pretending they represent all possible political views, the people who should be in some kind of neo-nazi party, or extreme-greens or whatever else will be shoved into these 2 main parties, but I've found in US most are actively ignorant of how proper politics work because of how long these 2 main parties have distorted the political landscape.

With this broken backdrop, I'm quite sure the politically uninformed farmer is convinced that HIS handouts are well-earned money and in no way socialist, oh no, it's only socialist when policies of the OTHER main party dare to provide handouts. Of course, both these main parties will also insist that each increase in federal spending THEY bring about is actually a decrease, the increases are the other main party's fault.


T-Mo may manage to get some of this cash; they bought IWireless locally, and if they haven't already ditched IWireless' ZTE and Huawei gear, I suppose they will now. (IWireless' network was rather obsolete so they may have already replaced everything.)

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