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But the market isn't responding to that. That was really my point.

If you look at Samsung and Apple market share - particularly combined - every other manufacturer is tiny in comparison. If everyone thought the same as what you've said Samsung wouldn't be able to gain the market share they have.

There are two areas - cheap phones and expensive ones. Nobody is touching either of these manufacturers in the expensive end because peoples mentality is it's too big a gamble to pick anyone other than them (proven by market share). At the cheap end it's hard to convince people to buy an Honor when they know Samsungs reputation, albeit one they've created largely off the back of their higher end devices. You can get a Galaxy S8 for under £200 at which point a ~£150 Honor 9 isn't very attractive, to the average person.

The point being, if Huawei was offering anything noteworthy at either end they would have more than a 10% market share. These phones they've brought out won't increase that to any significant degree.

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