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Admins beware! Microsoft gives heads-up for 'disruptive' changes to authentication in Office 365 email service


God this is so juvenile and tiring. Instead of praising MS for taking a sensible and responsible decision on oauth, we get the usual shit Microsoft grumbles. Don't use MS if you don't like em, or don't work for a company that does.

I have been in this game a long time and am still surprised at the MS bashing on here and other channels. The conclusion I draw is that many commentards do this because they don't have the knowledge and experience to offer much in the way of informed opinion. It's an easy way to grab some tech kudos and pretend to yourself and others that you know more than you do. For those people I'll advise you on the facts: MS are a giant corporation, like Google (who are decidedly less ethical than MS even), Facebook (worse still, and in extremis) , Apple, Twitter et Al. The company has one purpose: generating cash. They all do.

I use Mint as a desktop and I love it, definitely better than Windows. But frig me, there are some annoying limitations and bugs in newly released versions. Strangely, people don't seem to mention them and class the entire Linux ecosystem as shite because Bluetooth is playing up on cinnamon desktop.

MS aren't uniquely bad, and you aren't on the smart side of the argument just because you slag them off. They have done enormous good and a lot of damage. And they have acted as shameless bullies and profiteers. You will NEVER find a big company that hasn't.

Yeah, Exchange Online might not have 100% uptime, but that is not why corporate customers use it. They use it because it meets their requirements on uptime, cost and supportability. Why is it that everyone on here expects perfection from Microsoft, but doesn't want to pay for it? I work for a cloud provider that provides much better uptime figures and better SLAs in other areas than MS / O365 / Azure. Trouble is, it costs a small fortune to provide that service, and few companies are willing to pay.

You (if you have a personal account) or your employer / customer sign up to those terms willingly, you know what the risks and benefits are. If service doesn't match your requirements, claim your service credits, then move your business elsewhere, move jobs if it's so unbearable.

In Azure / O365 you are leveraging economies of scale and division of labour to achieve low cost. You might not be getting vintage claret, but you're not paying for it either. You're not even asking for it! You're getting something lower end, but that's all you've bought. Change the bottle, pay a bit more, but if you can't afford top end plonk, you'll be on the Lambrini.

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