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Re: The startup got a European banking licence in late 2018

I can tell you one thing: they'll have a major problem in the Netherlands where people are legally permitted to choose any of their first name to be used as their calling name (provided they stick to it afterwards).

I am in that situation: my parents saw fit to lumber me with 4 first names, and then used the LAST one as calling name because the first one was, well, old fashioned (as it was my Granddad's).

Apparently nobody had the foresight to code or legislate for that in any other EU nation, but in the UK I was at least able to bully my GP into using the correct name by asking to sign a form accepting the risk of being misidentified in case of an emergency - they caved quickly. Not Revolut - despite having issued cards in the correct name they renamed the account once they looked at my passport.

Well, at least I still have cards with the correct name, I'll keep using them until someone else offers me banking with midpoint exchange rates as that alone saves me a fortune compared to other banks..

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