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Third time's a charm, maybe: Bankers suing Oracle over claims of exaggerated cloud sales have another go at convincing skeptical judge


While it's perhaps nice to have standing to attempt to punish Oracle in court, it's also amazingly stupid.

Invest in a baby-seal-clubbing operation? Have you no morals at all? It's not like their behavior is unknown, even to finance types (in the big outfits, they are stuck with the junk).

And then to sue an outfit also famously litigious as well as famously dishonest, but with a record of winning in the courts?

Who did due diligence here? On anything at all?

Yeah, I know, pension funds (or mutual funds) have no morals either, but if Oracle is the only way to make money, I'd look for a better job.

I'm sure there are other ways to keep grandma and pa on better than cat-food.

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