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Justice Dept mouthpiece is a moron, then

"[Google] suggests...that it was entitled to copy 11,330 lines of [Oracle's] declaring code because that code standing alone is not commercially valuable," the brief states. "If that approach were sound, a developer could steal half of another developer’s program and finish it herself, so long as the stolen half did not function on its own."

Clueless moron. Either learn how this stuff actually works or STFU.

Declarations describe the interface. Definitions are the bits that do the work. The distinction is critical to this case, and the existing software world simple couldn't exist if no one could extend an interface by copying its declarations and providing their own definitions.

Everyone would have to reinvent the wheel, every wheel, every time, or the combined licensing and royalty costs would quickly overwhelm any project. Interoperability and standards would be a nightmare. Anyone complying with a standard could be accused of plaigarising others simply because the declarations match. Crazy.

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