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Re: Net Neutrality is to Free Open Internet as PATRIOT Act is to Patriotism

* public safety,

* low income Americans, and

* broadband infrastructure?

Public safety is potentially the easiest one. So can be linked to E911 regulations. Allow (or better, require) ISPs to prioritise 128kbps on all broadband connections using ToS 3&7. Forbid non-public safety apps from using those markings. That would require some definition of public safety, so E911 and the ability to make emergency calls is one, but also should support alarm/alert services and devices like medic alert buttons that can call for help.

Require congestion monitoring at the interconnect level (ie peering/transit) for those services and regulate connection costs between connection provider and PSAP. This would effectively extend (or enforce) some provisions in the "New and Emerging Technologies 911 Improvement Act".

Low income and broadband infrastructure are more political than technical, ie how and who to charge for USO-type obligations, which could then go into the slush fund for supporting/subsidising those connections. That's been floated in various countries as a 'broadband tax', which would be regressive if applied to consumer charges, but could be extended to traffic generators.. So charge content providers as well as ISPs. But ideally there would also be an overhaul wrt how USO funds are managed and disbursed.

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