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Re: "appalled that [city mayor] Sadiq Khan has approved such....surveillance technology for London"

@Lich: "ID Card gate? Its one thing I would bring in"

Ah, see, the problem isn't ID cards per se, although we do have a little bit of a problem with folks who stop us and ask us for our papers,.... but that aside, the very real problem is that successive UK govts have proven themselves utterly incapable of delivering large scale IT projects. There have been failed MoD projects, National Police Computer projects, Child Support Agency #1 (abandoned) #2 (more expensive to implement than it recovered in funds), NHS national patient database, Database of children (for child protection, abandoned), the projects that haven't utterly failed have gone vastly over budget and been delivered years late. Case in point, when I turned 16, (in the mid 80s) I was issued with a National Insurance Number card, a plastic credit card bearing my name and National Insurance Number, so all the data that held was name, NI number, DoB and address. They stopped issuing these a few years later because they were deemed too costly. let that sink in. How would they manage a wider data gathering / ID verifying system? There would be a cost to us citizens? Managed by whom,.... the previous verification platforms used by Govt systems haven't been a success, with one private provider bowing out and leaving all of it's users unverified. We can't have a private company cease trading and leave our citizens in limbo, so it must be a Govt project, and our Govt are just incapable.

Maybe you could send your guys over to help?

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