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London's Metropolitan Police flip the switch: Smile, fellow citizens... you're undergoing Live Facial Recognition

Barrie Shepherd

Why now?

Am I alone in thinking that the Met's urge to push this out so quickly is to get some high profile "wins" under their belt to use in the future debates about regulation of the technology.

Being able to put forward the argument that "Look it let us find these lost children, and we caught a person accused of rape and a serial parking offender" will moderate the public abhorrence of the overall Orwellian project. Taken to the extreme the Met would argue that we all should have implanted transponders scanned by readers at every road intersection and rail station entrance.

Of course the public will never know how the "watch list" will be construcred and even if it is used. Ultimatly the recordings will be archived along with the identitues of everyone seen in the area at that time.

Very soon policing will be carried out by a bunch of crapita operatives, sat behind banks of screens. There will be no visual police presence in streets consequently the deterent effect will be lost.

The Met, and other forces, are forgetting that policing should be balanced and with public support. They don't get mine for this invasive, suspect technology.

Any further news about the BTP use of the tech around rail hubs?

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