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So called "AI" if done properly is very expensive to set up and needs huge investment of "domain experts", data and custom programming.

So what's different to late 1980s early 1990s "Expert Systems"? Some of the software, lots more storage and CPU and all of the marketing. Yet the Image Recognition (really pattern matching as no computer system recognises anything, zero sentience) is not much better than then, considering the very many orders of magnitude of CPU and storage.

"Before these models can even be taught and deployed, however, a significant amount of labor needs to go into curating the training dataset. That data, whether it's a series of images, audio clips, or pages of text, needs to be labelled and cleaned, typically, by humans."

Actually it all has to be selected / curated, labelled, cleaned and checked by EXPERT humans, or it's misleading and nearly worthless. Biases in the capture, curating, labelling, cleaning and checking are a real problem. These can be deliberate, or due to the source of data, or due to the selection and training of the humans. Identifying the biases is hard. Proper testing of the "trained" system is really hard.

Also to consider is the motivation and aims of the the companies big enough to tackle this and how ethical the acquisition of the initial data is. See Clearview AI and Google/alphabet.

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