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I'd love to see Nokia Be Great Again.

I once read half a book about Nokia (i lost the book and the title cannot be found online).

They started out in 1885/86 - they were best known for their dunny paper (toilet paper - the stuff you... yeah), and rope. The country was so proud of their quality dunny paper, that they renamed the town to NOKIA.

Nokia, like the French company, Veolia, went through a lot of acquisitions and divestments (divestments = selling the bits that don't make a profit to someone else).

Nokia is a company I'd love to support, and I'd kind of be proud of that, because I believe I'm supporting a company that has history, doesn't seem corrupt, and, while some of their CEOs have committed suicide, died, they are a company that survives. Seriously. Look at them now! Apart from WhooHoo, they're the 2nd largest supplier of mobile infrastructure in the world.

I love you, Nokia.

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