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How the US-China trade war is felt stateside: Xilinx trims workforce after lucrative Huawei sales pipe blocked

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Re: cutting of Huawei was presented as a security measure.

"I am much more inclined to believe it's a trade war dressed up as "security concerns"."

It's an economic war where the US is attempting to address Chinese economic might before China has the ability to stamp its authority on countries in the region by taking territory. I'm not trying to sell this as anything other than US self-interest - if this does escalate, the people that suffer will not be those (in the US or elsewhere) who stood to benefit.

"The persistent pursuit of profit inevitably will lead to R&D becoming a "cost" and shaved to the minimum. It's how capitalism works."

And you can shave even more costs by using other's R&D until economics forces non-Chinese competitors out of business. I'll leave the arguments about whether this is capitalism to others.

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