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I second that comment but would add the following as possible articles.

Space in general, spacex and the battle for commercial space flight. Boeing and their cluster ducks of late, starliner as the obvious one but their risk manglement in general. UK and European space antics, current launches not just the historical stuff.

It is all related to IT in one way or another / I doubt they are using WiFi6 (bit pointless IMHO) to beam down data but Starlink? Surely there are tech angles to it that come from space tech years ago that we are using now on a daily basis?

I would rather read them here than ARS, the writing over there is nowhere near as good..... Also I can't be arsed setting up an account to become a commentard.

One more thing, somebody have a moan about the lack of affordable 10Gbe for home, gees it's 2020 and I'm still on a 1Gbe LAN from 2000!

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