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Spaceship Earth

A view that's become quite popular is to look at planet Earth as our very own spaceship. Looking at this mostly-liquid rock with a thin slice of atmosphere and life support system on its crust making its way through space, it's not such a crazy view. Although dependent on the nearby star (the Sun) to support this thin layer of life, everything that was and makes up the history of Earth including the few nanoseconds that we have spent on its surface, all of it happened right there.

The Space Age has always been there. We just didn't bother to look up enough, away from Earth, at this massive Universe around us.

"These are the adventures of spaceship Earth. Our mission: to seek out new life and new civilisations. To boldly go where no human has gone before."

Or we can just keep bludgeoning each other over the head during squabbles in the proverbial galley over things nobody else in the Universe gives a toss about :)

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