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I know it is (extremely) unpopular on this board to say, but I'm no longer a religious fanatic when it comes to OS UI experience. I was, long ago, but I am simply too busy doing work inside the applications that an OS runs to fret, hand-wring and otherwise soapbox on the fact that they changed the UI.

Windows 10's UI is *not* that bad. If I could post a screen grab of the computer I am currently on, upgraded from Win7 to Win10, you'll find a desktop interface with surprisingly little difference. The Start Menu and those tile buttons?? You can remove all the tiles (which only take up a very small area of the desktop space once opened as I've only added a small number of them) and end up with just a menu of programs without any tiles at all.

My own Start Menu with tiles is even smaller than what is shown as the beginning example on that tips pages.

And, rather like Android, I barely go into my Start Menu anyway due to the fact that I have taskbar shortcuts for everything I truly use every day.

So I'm not sure why so many people rant and rave about this thing, I simply have far more important things to go on about. 1/2 of the complaints I think I read about is due to the complainer still commenting on the first generation of Win10 installs, or tablets (computer in Tablet mode), both of which, intentionally, have very large, touch-friendly Start Menu tiles even if you don't actually have a touchscreen. But those Big Tiles were shrunk several revisions ago on non-touchscreen devices, so much that they aren't even a real issue any more.

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