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It's official: In May, Microsoft will close the door, lock the vault, brick over the entrance of dreaded Windows 10 1809


Cant update, won't update

and holdouts still using the operating system version, for some reason, will be advised to move to at least the November 2019 build of the operating system.

I had 1809 and was in the position the updates were failing completely due to an error.

I tried everything I could think of or find on the net including resetting the updates, stopping and restarting the service.....

I then started getting page fault errors before finally hitting the point when shutting down the machine went into super hibernation and wouldn't wake up without a full power down by pushing the off button for several seconds the switching in back on.

I then started being unable to use other functions, such as a headset in the 3.5mm ports, but still able to use it via the USB port.

At this point I gave up and did a full re-install to 1909 and had no problems since.

How many people are in the position the updates are failing and they don't know, or they don't know how fix the problem / re-install the OS, and so are stuck on 1809 without support or updates, leaving them open to all kinds of malicious behaviours through no fault of their own - owning and using a Win 10 PC doesn't count as being their fault.

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