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And this is the perfect example of why the world is what it is today: BROKEN. A better option was available - per-site exception - but that's not what was implemented. Someone decided 'Taking the global route is much easier to implement, as that's our decision', and forced it down the pike to the end users with no alternative given.

All or nothing, our way or no way at all.

It is a perfect reflection of modern society and why the individuals who make up today's society feel less and less hope, less and less in control of their own lives, and less and less inspired to get up and get involved in processes, from political to technical. "We're all doomed"...because some high-end twat at management level makes a declaration from on high, regardless of the impact on the people actually affected, and that's that.

Instead of leading the way with user options, Firefox's programmers as usual made a unilateral declaration and now it's up to us to accept and swallow it, or take the only other alternative of moving to a different product. Even for those of us NOT interested in moving to a different product. Firefox's market is shrinking so let's make more choices that may put off users, rather than listen to years of complaints and stop doing things without user feedback!

We are, indeed, all doomed. The dumb fscks of this world have apparently put themselves into all the positions of power; the Leyland curse has spread globally.

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