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"from his triple bypass op carried out"

And your point is?

Or, to put it another way, over here in France the medical service is not "free". A visit to the doctor costs about €25 (your top up later refunds it). Many common medications are not free (your top up may or may not pay). Things such as plasters and supports are not covered.

The Sécu (like the NHS) will cover people in the system for 70%. You need a top up for the rest. This can be cheap of you're an employee of a company and get it from there, up to hideously expensive if you're a retiree. As such, medical care in France is not "free".

However, there are exemptions for major issues (Affection Longue Durée) where one is completely covered, plus additional things such as transport to and from treatment and many medications not normally covered. Ailments such as cancer, heart bypass surgery...

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