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"Women weren't drafted into the army during the war. Men were. Terrible example.

There's a reason why so many historical photos show factories stuffed with women manufacturing bombs and planes. The male workforce was decimated as nearly every fighting-age man was required (and even some that were under 18 years old)."

Thanks. You've provided a nice example of the erasing and downplaying of women's role in the history of computing. Even Wikipedia doesn't support your argument. The women at Bletchly Park were recruited on *merit*, and that was *only* recognised during the war for the reason you stated. That's what it took for men to consider employing women for anything other than clerical work.

This was a time of systematic priotizing of men over women in STEM and work, amoung many other areas in society. This was a pivotal moment in the history of women's rights in work.


"Women were increasingly involved in computing after 1865.[12] Private companies hired them for computing and to manage office staffs."

"Six out of ten women working in Bletchley Park were serving in the British Armed Forces."

It was even worse for black women. They were doubly discriminated against.

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