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"it’s also possible that the equations aren’t fully accurate"

Well duh. We're talking thermodynamics, and there is not one lecture I've heard on the subject that doesn't start something like : "This subject is the most complex science in the history of Science".

I'm pretty sure the equations are not fully accurate, because they still can't model the actions of every single atom of matter in a given volume and, as long as we don't have the possibility of doing that, we do not have an accurate model.

On top of that, if you give the same calculation to a 16-bit processor, a 32-bit processor, a 64-bit processor and a 128-bit processor (supposing they exist or will soon), your model will soon provide 4 vastly different outcomes. So then you would think we just need to have 256-bit processors. You're not getting any closer to the "right" solution.

So we're just going to have to continue tweaking our existing models, knowing they are not, and cannot be, either perfect or reliable.

Edit : if you want a true explanation as to why we cannot possibly predict anything with perfect reliability, check this out.

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