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"an attempt by modern liberals to label what was previously known as "human instinct" as some sort of pathology."

It's way worse than that. The unconscious bias test measures your ability to play a particular computer game. As with any computer game, one can get better at it. I started off very racist on the first go, and not racist at all on the second one. So reproducibility is zero.

The particular (official) website for the test let me also check if I had an unconscious bias against various aspects of US culture that I'd never heard of. I feel I am not biased towards or against something I didn't even know anything about: nope, very biased against it. So it looks like it doesn't measure anything useful either.

That is anecdotal, of course, but those anecdotes are played out in every rigorous, large-scale testing of the unconscious bias hypothesis that has been done.

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