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When my wife was suddenly taken ill, I called an ambulance. They loaded her up and disappeared down the road with Blues and Twos blaring. I saw to the dog, collected some essential supplies for my wife, and secured the house. I then drove to the hospital. I asked at Reception which ward my wife was in, but they couldn't find any record of her arrival. They tried ringing round other departments of the hospital, to no avail, my wife was not traceable. Just then an ambulance arrived and my wife was wheeled out into the Reception area. I asked why they had taken so long to get from Rugby to Walsgrave, to be told that they were instructed to use the major roads and not back streets. They had gone east from Rugby to the M1, north to the M6, west to M6 Junction 2, south on the A46, before turning off onto local roads to reach the hospital. It had taken them over 50 minutes to reach the hospital, I had taken the A428 directly from Rugby to Binley and then local roads to the hospital, 22 minutes in all, and I was obeying the speed limits, unlike them doing 75 - 80 MPH on the motorways.

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