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"The problem with your attitude"

Try saying "The problem with this argument", rather than implying he needs to be sent to a re-education camp. It might help with trying to convince people.

"we all have unconscious biases, the research has demonstrated this time and time again."

The research on unconscious bias is not, in my view, scientific. (I am a scientist, so I get to make those type of statements.) I'm not questioning the existence of unconscious bias, but I am questioning whether any of the current 'tests' a) detect anything at all, b) are detecting bias, rather than something else, and c) whether the thing that they detect has any real-world consequences. Each of these needs to be true for the tests to be useful, and I think the evidence is threadbare for each of them.

These are all valid questions when statements like "if you click slightly slower on this word than that then you are a racist" are thrown around.

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