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The problem with your attitude is that we all have unconscious biases, the research has demonstrated this time and time again. This is also why we have devolped science, the methods of which act to reduce biases. But sadly it cannot remove them completely.

We see it in AI and algorithms trained on biased data sets who then operate in a biased fashion. You might think you are hiring in a non biased way but you cannot if you do make strenuous efforts to minimise your biases.

This is why industry best interview practice is to have interview panels of at least three people. This is how universities do it for eg. My wife works in Uni admin and can cite chapter and verse on this stuff. Ideally your interview panel should have reasonable diversity, not all male or all female for eg unless there are valid reasons for that.

If you hire people solo you absolutely cannot claim you hire in an unbiased fashion. Sorry to break your delusional self image but this is what us scientists do.

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