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Something looks bad, but that's not the way I read it.

Looking at El Reg's articles on Ciresi, I'd suggest the following scenario:

A large potential customer (US gov?) applied commercial pressure to isolate China and Russia. Execs tried to play this as an anti-hacker thing but Ciresi pointed out the obvious risk/compliance consistency issues, perhaps in public, and embarrassed the top brass.

i.e. there was political bungling all-round and the person who doesn't bring in revenue paid the price.

If that is what happened, it rather shows that Ciresi wasn't competent to operate at the highest levels where political acumen is critical.

Diversity in the progressive gender/race/orientation holy triumvirate sense can be a successful marketing ploy, but it has interesting logical implications. For diversity to be important, there have to be differences, or you don't have a diverse population. If there are differences, it is possible that you may need particular attributes present in one part of the population but not in another. The more diverse a population is, the less likely it is to be beneficial in any given specialised role. A less political example would be: that you don't hire postmen to fill software engineering roles. Hire only software engineers for that.

For racial diversity to have any business value, you should be able to quantify the things which make one race desirable over another. What is it about someone's sexual preferences which add business value? How do large mammaries contribute to the bottom line?

If it were my business, I'd just hire people I thought were competent. Judging people by their skin colour, gender or orientation is pretty ugly in my book, and I don't think it is in the interest of the business owner, employees, or customers.

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