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GitLab can proclaim diversity all it likes, but it seems to have a real problem keeping women on staff or in management

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IPO Time, oh crap we lack numbers in columns all the cool kids have, we need to do this or twitter will hate us spews a marketing droid, thats all the cover up is, CEO wants to cash out, hires women to maximise cashout make his service look attractive to investers. Just the natural evolution of hiring a pretty PA to take to meetings as eye candy.

And WTF does this have to with source control, will it make GIT less of head ache when someone does something "stupid" (aka doesnt share the same thought process as torvalds), will it stop me wanting to hurt people who cant work out a) how to merge properly, and b) how to use PR's, tags, and squash commits???

So frankly i couldnt care less about the politics, life isnt fair, people are not equal (sure should be TREATED equally, but not everyone is a winner), if we were all equal there would be no diversity, so rather than trying to impose equal diversity and diverse equality (added to my list of oxymorons like militant pacifism, organised anarchy) how about accepting that for diversity to work you need places, institutions and businesses that are not, its night and day, otherwise you end up with homogeny not diversity.

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