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Works great for me.

If I'm using the tablet (which is rare but not unheard of) I use 'Navigate" and don't have any data options for it. "Navigate" will readily let me know when there's map updates, and on exit if connected does display an add screen (only when exiting and only when connected to the net/connected without PiHoile).

And I have a stand-alone unit that I have to manually hunt for maps for, and it only gets updated 2 or 3 times a year. But road changes are few, they are generally well-notified in advance (this unit shows up-and-coming roads that are still months or years away from completion), and it has a really neat (to me) feature where if you drive on a new road it from then on realises the road is open and starts to plan to use it. I've not known others to do this, and even saw many ones on Droid which you had to pay for that could be years out of date (eg Kapiti Expressway still NOT SHOWN AT ALL some 18 months after it opened). My unit is a cheapy based on the IGO 8 software. Not the greatest of units, based on WinCE, but works and keeps my secrets.

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