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Artful prankster creates Google Maps traffic jams by walking a cartful of old phones around Berlin

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Do these maps function as dispositive nets that determine the behaviour, opinions and images of living beings, exercising power and controlling knowledge?

Don't forget all those libraries, only letting you think the thoughts contained within the books they choose to buy and let you borrow! Oh wait, without them, life is worse, not better.

Books? libraries? How quaint and out-dated! And how many trees and tree-based ecosystems were murdered for your books? :)

Yep, I too like to sit down from time to time with something that doesn't require any electricity to 'turn the page".

But sadly, so many people today rely on their phones for their news, entertainment and so on. And crafty buggers have already realised they can manipulate you by altering the suggested/displayed news, videos, adverts and so on.

Perhaps not so much the maps themselves, but the underlying systems (much owned by google - youtube and search results etc) can be used to manipulate people by the results they're given. Lets say you wondered about the pros and cons of a certain vaccine (actual reports of harm/reactions vs the risks from the illness it maybe prevents). A straight search engine would give you results that are directly related to what you want, perhaps weighted by page popularity. A manipulated one might give you lots of news stories about people without the vaccine suffering horribly, pages from the nuttier end of the 'anti-vax' people where a few seconds reading can make you colour the whole group as quite bad, and only present glowing reports about the vaccine in question.

If you have the means to control the news people see, you have the means to control a lot of their views on life. That's why the people trapped into watching Faux News etc get so weird as time moves on, and why wall-wall horror stories/murderporn/world-as-we-knew-it-just-ended seem to keep people so fearful and more and more isolated from their neighbours.

(FTR, I'm just old enough to have missed polio so seen what it could do and what the vaccine thankfully prevented, but also have known people who had a bad reaction to some vaccines (normally quite rare but not unknown), and I also have questions about vaccinating against every minor niggle under the sun instead of letting the immune system build up naturally - so I'm firmly in the "read up about them carefully over several days and make an informed decision, try to avoid emotive people in either camp!" crowd)

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