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My daftphone has to smal a screen to be useful without my son holding it and tell me what to do...

I just have the unit connected to the stereo, and rely on voice instructions. It can be nice to be able to see some stuff on the screen (many still aren't great where you have say 2 or 3 roundabouts in close proximity, not giving you lane advice or "roundabout take 1st exit then roundabout take 3rd exit" like "Navigator" does on 'droid).

You can always go Tesla style and stick a honking great tablet screen in the middle of your dash, wrecking night vision. Bonus points if you move all your vent etc "tactile controls" to it so instead of being able to feel for things without looking away from the road, you now have to take your eyes off the road, re-focus on a bright screen, hunt for the item, make the change, eyes back to the road and re-gain night-vision plus re-focus on the road (some people have a slower focus). Do Tesla screens do a 'night-vision" mode? If not, please do!

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